Just a friendly FYI that if you are a horror fan and have not checked out the Pluto TV app you are missing out. Pluto has a bunch of free horror movie streams. We are talking gems like Night of the Demons from 1988. Pretty much a better selection than both Netflix and Hulu combined.

Night of the Demons

This is NOT a sponsored post, I just love the Pluto app and think everyone should cut the cord. Why pay the cable company when most of the content is online someplace.

Plan 9 From Outer Space on Pluto

A few of my favorite channels are 68 (Horror), 70 (Terror) and 72 (Thrillers). They are great! Chock full of classic hits and misses from all eras. From early black and white Lugosi films like White Zombie to off-kilter classics like Killer Klowns from Outer Space. They even have channels dedicated to The Addams Family (310) and Dr. Who (370).

The Addams Family channel

The movies seem to rotate in and out every 60 days or so some it pays to check back often.

The Dr. Who channel

It’s not all old horror and slasher films tho. They also have a lot of content from MTV, Spike, TV Land, and other established media companies. We are talking entire channels dedicated to Unsolved Mysteries and The Forensic Files.

Unsolved Mysteries channel

Pluto TV is FREE and runs on ads. It’s kinda like free cable TV, just with older shows and content that cable tv won’t play.

Another huge plus with this service is that all of the movies they have listed are also available on demand. Searching through the titles is a bit clunky but if you are using Alexa it makes the whole thing a ton easier to use.

It sure beats the old days of downloading movies from a torrent server in the middle of the night, then hoping you got the right files and not some gross looking bootleg.