Forest Lawn in Cypress has quite a few impressive large scale statues and monuments that really stand out (I am talking to you giant statue of David) and command your attention. As I visit more and more I am discovering that some of the smaller pieces are just as impressive.

I had the chance to spend some time in the Mausoleum and Patriot Chapel area of the park the other day and was quite taken by a couple of smaller brass statues. The first is untitled* and features a young angel grasping the Earth like a Harlem Globe Trotter. It is beautifully executed.

*UPDATE 01.10.2021
I recently got an email from Gerald Jones, Ph.D. alerting me to the title, artist, and location of the original. Here is what he sent me..

“I stumbled on your Web page today, and noticed that a photo you have there is marked “untitled”. I can tell you what it is, and where the original is. (See photo attached here.) Actually, it has three titles: Genius of Geography, Genius of Discovery, and Genius of Columbus. (Genius here is the old-time word for Angel.) It was sculpted in 1892 by Gaetano Russo (1847-1908) for the fountain in Columbus Circle in New York City, where it stands today. (It was restored recently, and looks great.)
Gerald Jones, Ph.D.”

Genius of Geography, Genius of Discovery, or Genius
of Columbus

Here is a link to really great image of it as it stands in NY.

This next statue is situated to the left upon entry of the Heritage mausoleum. It is titled Pro-Patria, (Latin for “for one’s country”) and in my opinion, should be the large statue outside the chapel.


Here is a photo of the Patriots Chapel and Heritage Mausoleum as well as the statue of what looks like John Addams.

Heritage Mausoleum and Patriots Chapel at Forest Lawn, Cypress