I am always on the lookout for portraits on headstones, I really like the old enamel kind but enjoy seeing them in any form. From brass relief to chemical etching and especially the enamel ones. I think they really help tell the person’s story. you can somehow get a smallContinue Reading

potar live still shot

Potar is not an easy artist to Pigeonhole. pulsating between crunchy rhythmic beats and harsh noise, Potar’s live improvisations often include modulated oscillations, harsh delay sweeps, and distorted step-seq synths. Known for modifying and building his own instruments, (a process known as circuit bending) Potar has been making improvised electronicContinue Reading

The Wild Angels movie still

If you have not seen this you are missing out. Starring Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra, you can’t talk about bikersploitation and 60s style without mentioning this gem. Featuring actual members of the Hell’s Angels and the Coffin Cheaters as extras, this film has a very authentic look and feel,Continue Reading