Founder, Illustrator, WebMaster

Michael Winchester has been creating art under the moniker POTAR for over 25 years. From performing live sonic soundscapes and modifying childrens toys to doing website design, graphic design, and illustration for various projects.

He designed his first t-shirt at age 14 for a group of older friends who were taking a trip to the desert. Since then, t-shirts have pretty much run in his blood. From creating designs for startup clothing brands like ThreePointFive and Suspect to making uniform-style t-shirts for small businesses. He managed a Hot Topic for a few years in the early 90s when band t-shirts first became a mall staple.

Michael created Headstones and Hearses in 2019 to deal with an obsession he has with his own mortality. Frequent visits to cemeteries (taking pictures and enjoying the atmosphere) are a form of therapy, a way to feel some peace while still here.

Aside from designing t-shirts and building the business, Michael builds experimental musical instruments over at Potar Design Devices; he is a busy cat.

Michael’s influences come from skate culture, punk rock, 80s pop art, and 50s album cover design; though Michael is fast to admit that he does not adhere to a particular style, he instead prefers to build to suit.

Some of POTAR’s recent work

Chicken Overlord

Illustrator, Sculptor

Hailing from Orange County, California, Chicken Overlord is the latest addition to the roster, hell.. he is the first artist other than POTAR to design for Headstones and Hearses. Anyway, with a flare for the ridiculous, Chicken Overlord has been drawing, sculpting, and creating art since he was a child.

2023 will see more of Chicken Overlord’s custom pieces being added to the shop. We have big plans for this kid.