I shot this Buckethead performance in 2006 at the now-defunct Tower Records on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. Many years before Amoeba would come to LA and have bands play, Tower did the same thing. I was lucky enough to see a bunch of different bands there. from Buckethead to Willie Nelson to DEVO doing performance art, we would go to them all.

This was shot on an early digital camera, Sony Cybershot I think; with the zoom fully utilized. It looks terrible but it was a fun night and this performance is pretty great. Honestly one of my first attempts at shooting video. Believe it or not, I went on to do some videography work a few years later.

These two are noted as being some of the first Buckethead videos on YouTube, the site had not yet been around for a year when I uploaded them. Be sure to check out my YouTube account for some other live performance videos as well as some electronic noise projects and miscellaneous debris.