Guitar Wolf is a rock-n-roll trio hailing from Japan. Clad in black leather their brand of Jet Music is raw, abrasive, and super fun. Did I mention that they are loud?

The first time I saw Guitar Wolf they were opening for The Cramps and The Demolition Doll Rods… they absolutely blew my mind. Some of the noisiest “American Style Rock N Roll” ever! These self-proclaimed “Kung-Fu Ramones” were amazing live. I have since seen them a few more times and it seems like they get louder and louder each time. Now that Motorhead is gone, Guitar Wolf may be the loudest band in the world. I can not understand why they are not more popular with the punk crowd.

So when I found out there was a feature film starring Guitar Wolf, I just had to track it down. It’s a sci-fi, b-movie masterpiece with a decidedly trans-friendly plot. It’s fun, it’s strange, and it’s available here, now. enjoy.

Wild Zero – Full-Length Feature Film (subtitled in English)

Guitar Wolf – Jet Generation official music video

Guitar Wolf – Can Nana official music video