Dated in back “16.2.26”

I have a small collection of vintage Halloween stuff that I LOVE! While not really taken during Halloween, these postcard are part of that collection. I acquired these when my folks bought a house in Long Beach that an old German man had lived in since the plot lines for that area were laid. His family came in after he died, took what they wanted like vultures and left everything else. My folks bought the house as is, stuff included. More than half of my vintage necktie collection comes from old man Bill as we called him.

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A little research has led me to believe these photos were taken during a Bavarian Fasching parade. My understanding is it’s more or less a carnival, like German Mardi Gras.

“Fasching (also known as Karneval) is a time of festivity and merry-making – a time to break the rules, poke fun at those who make them and then to make your own new rules. ” –Source

In the first part of the century you could get your own pictures on a postcard, known as Real Photo Postcards. Wikipedia has a little info on them, and HERE is a link to some fine examples.

Of the postcards I got, I have a couple more favorites I will share in the future.