I stopped into the family columbarium today to pay my respects and wandered around the mausoleum and chapel for a while. While I am by no means a religious person I do find these places great to decompress, clear my mind or sometimes think.

I am a huge fan of marble statuary and while this cemetery has a few great examples they also have some interesting concrete statues. Concrete statues tend to wear a little more over time, they become pitted and attract moss. They generally end up look creepier and creepier over time. I love it, with age comes beauty.

Another stand out at this location is the stained glass. in the chapel section of the ground, there is a large amount of beautiful glasswork, it is all pretty varied in quality and style. Some pieces are wonderfully painted and the lead work is superb while other pieces look like they may have been completed by family members. each piece definitely has its own character.

We loved our visit to the stained glass portion of the chapel so much we designed a pencil skirt and a matching tank top around one of the favorite panels. It depicts a goddess in a field of colorful flowers. See below.