This is a great scene from a pretty decent teen angst flick/comedy-romance film. Summer School is worth watching just for the scenes with Chainsaw and Dave. It’s hard for me to fathom that Carl Reiner of Spinal Tap and All in the Family fame directed this movie, but he did.

In this scene, Dave and Chainsaw want to prove to Vice Principal Gills that they are psychopaths. They really just want their teacher Mr. Shoop to come back to teach, but Vice Principal Gills is glad to have him gone and after trashing Shoop’s beach house during a party he is over it.

Carl Reiner’s Summer School from 1987. Enjoy.

Gills has no respect for the students in Summer School and has said that Dave and Chainsaw are nothing but psychopaths. So while Vice Principal Gills is introducing a new substitute teacher to the campus our heroes Chainsaw and Dave go wild. Gills is mostly right, they are a little crazy.

When I first saw this movie I wanted to be Dave and/or Chainsaw. They loved horror movies like me and hated school, too. Their bedrooms had all kinds of movie posters and masks, they experimented with latex and blood. So much fun!

The movie is kind of an homage to the lasting effects of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It is their favorite film and they are constantly talking about Tobe Hooper like he is some sort of immortal god. These two were unlikely heroes for me growing up. I’m surprised I didn’t try to change my name to Hatchet or some other nonsense ( note to self: you did. Potar is nonsense too).