We love a good, BAD movie and this one checks most of our boxes off. Visually, this is an amazing time capsule; a trip back to the 70’s with an unruly gang of skull helmeted motorcycle hooligans. Completely my jam.
• It’s got 1970’s bikers, raising hell in the UK. CHECK.
• Amazing costumes, CHECK.
• Hot chicks, CHECK.
• Someone kills themselves, CHECK.
• A weird funeral, CHECK.
• Some kind of Satanic underpinnings, CHECK!

This film really seems to have it all. From bikers raising hell to weirdo rituals and butlers. Also, if you like frogs they play an unlikely role.

According to Stuart Andrews book “Hell Bent for Leather” actor George Sanders who played Shadwell killed himself after seeing an early print of the film. A note was found that read “‘I’m so bored.’ The movie is not that bad. Geez.

The OST music for this is decent but mostly forgettable. Starting at the 32-minute mark is an interesting song about suicide sung by a handsome young man with an acoustic guitar. the movie is a slow burn. Aside from the aforementioned song you could put on the subtitles and blast your favorite Hawkwind, Budgie or Nazareth albums during the scenes where they are hell-raising and generally creating motorcycle madness. Got to stay period correct.

From the description:
“A young biker gang leader makes a pact with the Devil and uses it to win himself eternal life. His gang follow suit and join him on a rampage across the country. Would-be immortals have first to kill themselves, and if their faith wavers at the last moment they do not come back…”

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