I have become slightly obsessed with the music of x.a.o.s since recently discovering his music. He explains his style on his Bandcamp page as “Electric, acoustic & electronic instrumentation cut up and reassembled, then manipulated and spewed forth in an aural expulsion of disgust and despair.” Sounds right up my fucking alley, and it is.

x.a.o.s has an old school industrial vibe. From pulsating and grinding to extremely dance-able and sometimes ethereal. It often feels sullen and full of despair. He fuses elements of harsh noise, synth-pop, and EDM into something truly unique. I can think of no real musical comparison but I could hear these tracks in industrial clubs like LA’s Das Bunker or the late great Release the Bats.

Here is the real kicker. Being a huge fan of the movie The Gate;I had always wondered what ever became of Louis Tripp. He was the kid who played Terry, The Satanic metal head who opened the gate in the first place. Now known as Baphomet Tripp, it turns out he is making this amazing experimental music under the name x.a.o.s.

I found a short interview with Baph Tripp on BrutalResonace from 2014 that was interesting. Turns out Baph is also an author of short stories. His short “Chopda” can be found in issue 29 of Black Static. Check it out and follow his music on Bandcamp.