Maude teaching Harold the fine art of hookah.

Harold and Maude is one of the most fantastic dark comedies ever committed to film. It is about a wealthy young man who loves to fake his own suicide in front of his mother and the various dates she tries to set up for him. It is a dark and wonderful film that everyone needs to see. Harold and Maude has a one of a kind love story that is was truly shocking for its time and is still quite taboo to this day. I can not recommend this movie enough.

Our hero, Harold. Played by Bud Cort

One of our favorite scenes revolves around Harold’s mother junking his classic Cadillac Hearse and replacing it with a brand new Jaguar XK-E convertible. It doesn’t long for young Harold to fully Kustomize the babe magnet XK-E into an awesome and raced out hearse. Without giving too much away, It is destroyed (literally) at the end of the film.

This car is not only special to us because it was an awesome looking hearse but also because it was built by Red Harden; the man who built The Munsters ‘Dragula’, The Dukes Of Hazzard’s ‘General Lee’, and the original ‘Bat Mobile’ as well as the motorcycles for Easy Rider. He has an interesting story if you are looking for a rabbit hole.

A few years ago car builder and Harold & Maude enthusiast Ken Roberts built a beautiful copy of the famous movie car that he travels around showing at car shows and special events. It is pretty special, more info about his recreation can be found here.