I took a walk-thru Sunnyside Cemetery in Long Beach after these most recent rains. The air was clean and it was a sunny day. With no one working or anyone else milling about the place was all mine.

Opened in 1906, Sunnyside has that old cemetery charm. Headstones, old-growth trees, and a sense of quiet peace. I was surprised to see how large the area for baby and juvenile deaths was.

Come January this place is going to be covered in tall grass and weeds. This historically happens after heavy rains.

I took a few photos of headstones that had interesting artwork or struck me for one reason or another. The 1920’s where hard on Long Beach and lots of the graves are from that era.

Sunnyside has seen it’s fair share of scandal, this quote from a 2017 article in the Press-Telegram. “Sunnyside’s steady decline started in 1994 when its owner stole more than $525,000 from its $1 million endowment care funds, blowing it on a Mercedes-Benz, a whopping bar tab, alimony and rent and cutting the cemetery’s operating capital in half. The owner was convicted of grand theft and other charges in 1996 and given a four-year sentence. “

“If they don’t have enough money to maintain it, they’ll have to close the gates with chains and locks. That’s step one. In a few weeks or months, people who want to come and visit their relatives will complain to the city and eventually, the city will have to take it.” – Long Beach mortician Ken McKenzie

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